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The time has come for dramatic change.  I am standing up to support the people who work hard but just can't get ahead.  We the people should control our own future and not have the system constantly take from us.  Many of the political powers that claim to be the voice of the people never actually listen or support the people.  We attempt to contact these political elites but simply get avoided or dismissed. I find this deeply disheartening.  The only way to truly convey the voice of the people is to involve the people.  I believe that before a proper decision can be made for the people, one must allow questions from the people. Transparency not deception is the only viable way to proceed.  I will fight for the small farmers and small businesses.  Our 2nd amendment rights are needed to protect the country and our constitution.  I do not condone teaching any kind of racisms within any of the school systems. We should teach patriotism not racisms. We should encourage dreams not drugs. We need to encourage criminal reform not police brutality. We must honor our military veterans and our fallen heroes.  We must protect the children and their future.  We may not agree on every issue but we should be able to review options and compromise while still remaining professional.  I will fight for freedom and liberty.

We are better than this.  We all bleed red.



John Chapman for congress
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