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Has anyone seen or heard some of the current events?  We are being attacked locally, nationally and internationally.  We are being attacked socially and emotionally.  Our borders seem to be non-existent.  We are giving aid to almost everyone except Americans.  We have homeless veterans living in the streets.  There are hungry people right here but they don’t seem to be important.  We demand protecting the environment but allow litter on the streets and at green events.  We demand electric cars but charge them with fossil fuel.  We pay people to stay home and not work but say that there are shortages due to infrastructure.  We paid farmers $3800 /acr this year to plow under their crops or face a penalty at the market when they sell.  These are truly confusing times.  Who should we listen to?  Who do we trust?  Where or what do we put our attention towards?  We are being pulled in so many different directions at the same time.  We have our school boards trying to remove parental right.  Calling parents domestic terrorist.  We have mayors that are trying to infringe on civil rights and using the police for their agenda.  There are state law makers that are involved in back room deals and horse trading.  Many people are being forced out of work because the ones in charge will not stand up to protect them.  We charge people for fishing or hunting without a license but let a child molester walk free.  Then we have our federal government that is trying to destroy our constitution.  But wait there’s more!  Are you sick and tired of this? 

George Washington said that a Christian man would rather die on his feet fighting for what he believes rather than live on his knees. 

For most of my life, I have heard people say – well that’s just the way things are.  I am only one person, what can I do?  You can support the ones that love America and decided to stand up and make a difference.  Some of you may say, I can’t afford to give.  I say you can’t afford to not give.  You can knock on doors.  You can get people to vote.  You can make phone calls.  You can help with fund raisers.  You deserve better.  Your family deserves better.  America needs you to get involved. We are faced with a decision of making a stand or excepting defeat.  What is your decision? 

John Chapman for congress
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