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Meet John

A true South Carolina local


I was born and raised here in South Carolina and grew up in rural Berkeley County.  My time was spent living and working on a farm.  From the time I could walk, I learned the privilege of hard work.  In addition, to working hard, I learned how to problem solve early in life.  My family and I attended a Southern Baptist church almost every time the church doors were open.  The school that I attended was such a small school that it included elementary, middle and high school all on the same grounds.  Being such a small school, there were a number of us that started in kindergarten together and graduated together.  We all got along and learned how to settle our differences and still be friends.  We didn't see in black or white but viewed thing as right or wrong.  This same logic applied while I was in the military.  We are all part of the American family.  We are brothers and sisters no matter the color of your skin.  My time in the military was an absolute pleasure.  I got deployed to countries and places that I never knew existed and met people from many different cultures and beliefs.  The military also allowed the benefit of a college education.  The military allowed me to attend classes at home base and while deployed.  Due to several injuries while deployed and surgeries that followed, my time in the military was cut short. 

I later took on the role of GSM for a local company for a little over 9 years.  While working as the GSM, I helped advance the growth to becoming a multi-million dollar company.  For the past 2 plus years, I have taken on the challenge of storm water and environmental impact of advanced development. This also addresses flooding issues throughout the state requiring a consistent working on compliance inspections and needed repairs to existing systems.  In addition, I frequently work with the towns, cities, county, state and DHEC for solutions to lower flooding risk. 

John Chapman for congress
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