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There are many issues that need to be addressed.


* 1st Amendment protection

* 2nd Amendment protection 

* Child protection

* Court system

* Crime rate

* Criminal reform

* Drug use

* Education (K -12)

* Equal rights

* Farmers Support

* Health Care

* Housing/Homeless

* Inheritance tax

* Job opportunities

* Legal system

* Manufacturing in the USA

* Pending socialism

* Poverty level

* Property tax

* Road conditions

* Trade schools

* Trafficking 

* Veteran care

* Voting integrity



The challenge is categorizing them and determining exactable timeframe for starting each.    

Please email me with any issues you would like addressed. 

Voting integrity

The voting laws that are being put into place seem to for the good. I agree that ID is a step in the right direction but not a big fix.  Even if we are to use fingerprint voting, it's only one step toward the repair.  None of these items will be of any use if we continue to use the same voting machines.  The issue wasn't completely at the polls, but with the actual vote tally.  The entire system needs to be repaired. (Read More)

John Chapman for congress
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